Intimacy and The Female Body

A Message to Men

A woman’s Whole Body is a living breathing Sexual Organ. This fact should never be underestimated or understated. The surface of her skin is extremely reactive to the RIGHT style of touch. It awakens even more when treated with mindfulness and loving awe. What does that actually mean, “Touched with mindfulness”? Well, when approaching a woman you should be literally drinking in the sight and feeling of her soul essence, totally aware and acknowledging her as a living, breathing, feeling consciousness and a full blown personality, living a life along side you on the planet, not just as an object to have sexual fun with only satisfying your personal needs. Full sexual mindfulness is the way a woman prefers to love her man. Too often I hear a women’s concern of feeling like an object that is brought out to play and used to fulfil a man’s mounting desires and then seemingly discarded without thinking she may have her own sexual appetites needing fulfilment.

When you approach her intimately she awaits for the moment when hoping and praying you will finally SEE her and FEEL her life essence by the way you approach. Slowing down, lingering with touch and sensual kisses allows her inner fires to build with gentle loving desire. When you look deeply into her eyes and in your mind acknowledge the special place she has in your life, she will FEEL this transfer of communication as though two minds and hearts have entwined and merged. This is her language of love. It is this depth of connection she yearns for in the bedroom, even leading up to the bedroom. All other approaches work for a time but usually dissolve into dissatisfaction.

It is the whole body loving of lingering touch, moving through from face, neck, arms, hand, legs, feet, breasts, abdomen, face, inside thighs, face, breasts, stroking higher up the thigh, ears and neck all connected by loving strokes and kissing that will help her body begin to open up like a flower to your every move and the pelvic region will rock with gentle encouraging moans. The mindful art of incorporating her whole body are the  actions and considerations that will, light her fire.

Sexual progression will not work if you kiss, nipple twist, poke and grope in delicate places before  plunging the lever in as though you are some mechanic on steroids! You are not a mechanic, so stop it! Well some of you might be. You need to realise the vagina is like a flower, it needs to be gently awakened so it unfolds and allows a deep and satisfying end game. To awaken the vagina you must first awaken by attentiveness, ALL other body parts first! Not to be approached as some clever formula in your mind that will always work because, a man with only sexual release on his mind is transparent through the way he touches. A woman picks up the vibe and will shut down the playground.

Lovemaking really requires a man to feel vulnerable to his arising emotions and be OK with them being seen and felt by his lover. Remember she wants to see you at the depths of your core just as she is waiting for you to see her. When she feels this depth connection her availability increases with enthusiasm. In the end if a woman can experience these depths with a partner then there will be more times when she will also enjoy a quicker, hot and heavy fix. The two go together.

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