About Celia Fuller


Celia is a powerful and passionate speaker. She brings to her audience a raw, frank and honest view of  life as it unfolds through the multi cycles of living, parenting, partnering, intimacy relating, spiritually seeking and mindfully living. She truly is a Mind, Body Spirit Speaker and Therapist.

In every presentation its Celia’s focus to call individual’s attention and awareness to  stripping the layers of conditioning, concerns, fears and internal dialogue preventing them from ‘Reconnecting to their Soul Note’,  that unique deep internal intuitive wisdom within.

She brings to her speaking engagements the thousands of combined voices, experience and wisdom that 30 years as a Natural Therapies and Alternative Counselling practitioner offers.

She is known to be a ‘Catalyst for Change’
Re- Programming the Subconscious  Through Clairvoyant Psychological Energy Work

Celia, through her Wholistic Lifestyle Consultancy and Blueprint Healing sessions has provided incredible insight into thousands of people’s lives. She has given them the tools and knowledge to assist with reclaiming their personal power back and walking them ever closer to their own personal success. She helps break the invisible barriers within the subconscious that stands in the way of people reaching their full potential and rising through the corporate ladder.

Companies and Businesses have sought her counsel in relation to the purchase or sale of properties, business dealings, work dynamics of staff and client training. Individuals have sought her out for, family issues, settlements, work situations, real estate and relationship issues. Her specialised sessions often incorporate the use of Meditation for Managing Stress and Spiritual Philosophy to offer a broader view on life.

Having practised in a private clinic for 30 years and through her phone consultations, Celia has had the privilege and honour of listening to the many private concerns of thousands of clients. Through their stories she noted the repeat pattern of mind consuming anxiety around relationships, family life, finances, and mental strain resulting in lowered expectation of fulfilling their dreams and passions. Depression, low performance in the work place, lack of focus, lack of inspiration for life, work or business caused them to feel confused, baffled and erratic. Through Celia’s guidance she has helped them find new inspiration for life and have them kicking their goals.