Women, Musical Masterpieces in Action

This programme has been designed to celebrate the life of women, what they have to contribute in society, to one another and acknowledging how truly amazing they really are. Your audience will find new levels of respect for themselves and the mighty role they play even whilst living in a state of ‘Motherhood Trance’ or chaotic home manager. It is well known fractured minds, steal focus, so this talk is designed to create  new pathways towards clarity, shifting from mental emotional overdrive to one of more aligned inner harmony along with the tools to create cohesiveness with others.

Being the CEO of Parenting is a ride of a lifetime with a series of highs and lows and a huge amount of work time and energy expenditure in between.
Celia’s talk will normalise the parenting  and relationship experience helping your audience realise they are not alone in their life journey. They will discover when they stop worrying about everyone else and limit their thoughts of failure, then the Inner Entrepeneur can rise above the ashes. Women know how to survive and are not afraid to pull up their sleeves to work towards the future.
Stand back and let Celia nudge your audience forward into the land of uncapped potential, The Female Psyche. Your audience will not be the same people when they leave, some will walk with a spring to their step and others will have discovered a new found respect. When a woman is supported to be her best, anything is possible. It’s time to ‘Break the Glass Ceiling.’