I am passionate about changing anything that is not working in my life or discovering why challenges have arisen, so that I Become the Best ME, That I Can Be! I know we create our own success story. I have personally witnessed how raw honesty and taking personal responsibility for my life and behaviors uncovered the powerful guiding force of intuition. I map my life forward according to those intuitive skills.

I eagerly strip away the false masks I have created and love understanding why I needed to hide behind them. Discovering Who I Really Am, seems to be a lifelong pursuit but every step makes me happier. I am up for the challenge. I hope you are too.
I love to share knowledge accrued through my careers and experiences.

When I am not doing all those things I am usually pursuing my passion for singing and lyric writing and other artistic expressions or travelling the world with my family seeking out unusual adventures off the beaten track.

I want you to walk with me in finding your Soul Note and begin living musically and finding harmony in every endeavour and take a step on the pathway to inner peacefulness.