Appin Hall Children’s Foundation
burnspic“To our pleasant surprise Celia handled the evening and all the guests with the entertaining gloves of a true professional. She captivated us all with her one liners, favorably relaxed the entire audience with her cheerful, funny and original banter. Her warmth and enthusiasm combined to lift the start of the evening, introduce many individuals and groups in attendance, and wittingly, drew everyone into instant rapport and laughter_ which culminated in a successful event- thanks to her!
We laughed, felt proud, in good hands, and were so pleased Celia stood up to entertain our guests. To say Celia’s presence was inspiring is not enough. Expose this women to your audience and watch what happens.”
Maggie and Ronnie Burns (Co-founders) Appin Hall Children’s Foundation

Mind Body Spirit Festival –Australia


“Celia Fuller’s lectures were well attended and her audience reaction was positive, with many people staying back afterwards to speak with Celia further. Celia is a delight to work with, she is not only professional, but a very warm and generous person with her time. I don’t hesitate to recommend Celia for any speaking engagements and we hope she is able to continue her involvement with the Mind Body Spirit Festivals.”
                                                                 MIND BODY SPIRIT Program Manager

Tasmanian Mind Body Spirit Expos
Celia Fuller’s lecture topics are varied, from mental and physical health to spiritual development. It is common for members of the audience to actively participate in questions and further exploration of the topic, stimulated by the interesting nature and style of Celia’s presentation. On several occasions her lectures have attracted audiences which overflow the seating area, followed by extensive clapping .
I recommend Celia as a speaker of talent, wit and wisdom.
Dr Jason Betts: Organiser

Women’s Wellness Forum

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Dear Celia,

I just wanted to write and officially thank you again for being part of the Tasmanian Women’s Wellness Forum in October.

It was such a great day and you were an integral part of making the day the success it was. Your talk was engaging and informative as well as being delightfully humorous. It shed light on a topic that is rarely discussed publicly but clearly should be! It was clear that the ladies in attendance walked away with many valuable insights and practical tools.

I also wanted to mention how much your support and assistance in the promotion of the event through your own social media, local knowledge and connections was also very much appreciated. Getting the word out to the people who will be most interested in an event is often the greatest challenge. We were extremely grateful to have you on our promotions team!

Now that our paths have crossed I very much hope that we will get the chance to work together again in the future. You have such a wonderful message to share Celia and the heartfelt passion to get it out there.  Wishing you every success in future talks and endeavours.

Abby Strandly: Organiser

A lovely evening with Celia Fuller – looking forward to welcoming her back later this year.

Noosa Theosophy – Janet Josie Blake

Event Guests

“I’m so excited to see this amazing lady sharing her wisdom and real life experience in counciling to the masses. Frank, to the point style of delivery makes her presentation interesting and at times humorous, whilst dealing with some of life’s serious issues. If you get a chance to attend one her talks in will be worth your precious time.” H Halee

An absolute privilege to be part of such a group and to be present at your presentation Celia and thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge so freely with us all. Bec

Still discussing your fab talk. Great info and presentation. Ella Moon

Penguin District School

“Celia Fuller’s delivery was both relevant and practical. She has an outstanding ability to readily gain the audiences confidence, thus ensuring ready participation by all in a number of potential, personally threatening practical activities.
The school highly recommends her as an engaging and motivational public speaker.”
Jane Morrison (Teacher Training) Penguin District School