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Life is a Maze but can be AMAZING!

Life is ‘a MAZE’ but Can be Amazing

Break Free of the ‘Tic Toc’ World & Your Limiting Beliefs

How did we get here? Why do we do the things we do? What propels us forward into action? All these questions,  yet the answers are not always forthcoming or not as much as we would like them to be. Instead we run around in circles like a perpetual hamster wheel wondering how to get off the wild ride.

Looking back at life one would wonder how to navigate the tricky  maze we call human living. At every corner there are new decisions filled with potent possibility. Which road to take ? Where do I want to end up? Alternatively we are consumed with thoughts of constant comparing, competing or jealousy fuelled antics arising from fear of not being enough, gross hypnotisation from every media fuelled outlet telling us we have to be more to survive, be the ultimate success story and navigate life.

But what if, what if, travelling in a more heart centred way, removing fear and refusing to be aligned to the ‘tic toc’ madness overtaking every element of society,  could be the realty you are looking for? To find that space where your soul hungers for inner quietude? What if it can be found by stepping out of the maze of uniform thinking and acting. Would you do it? Would that interest you? If so, then begin thinking about the state of mind you had as a child before society and adult conditioning gripped hold of your innocent psychology. What did you love doing? What made your heart and imagination sing? What dreams did you have for the future version of yourself? What did you do with yourself when no one was listening?

It is often in these moments of questioning or deep contemplation when you feel life has derailed from your core authentic expression that a truth about who you are,  can show itself. Listen to the innocence within, begin the conversation and allow the prompting to arise from the depths of yourself. It is this very process that can remind you on what really matters to you personally, not that which is said to be valued by society or family. Action is then required to reclaim authentic alignment so you can live a life you truly value.

It is this same pondering and life reviewing that has on countless occasions helped me navigate some of my most troubling times. I know now that I always must have at least one element of my childhood dreams running alongside the adult life to keep me feeling in a state of balance and joy. 

What did I do as a child when no one was looking, you might ask? I danced and sang to myself and spoke a multitude of pretend foreign languages and spoke to the animals and plants, mind to mind. To that end it does not surprise me now that I love to travel the world and dance to unwind or feel connected to an unseen universe filled with a communication that cannot be seen. The intuitive self and sense of connection to ‘All That Is’, was born all those years ago. Yet sadly I suppressed my singing for such a long time but as I removed the blockages and sabotaging beliefs of fear, my ‘Inner Song’ is finding the confidence to come out to play again. I also discovered how much I loved personal time on my own in those younger years yet my adult version has not always allowed for that space.

My question to you is, What did you do as a child? Can you hear the child whispers and honour those dreams? Are you willing to re-embrace that aspect of yourself to step out of the perpetual maze you are trapped in and allow life to be,  truly AMAZING once again?

Celia Fuller- Wholistic Lifestyle Consultations can help you remove negative beliefs, fears  programmings and societal conditionings hidden in the recesses of the subconscious mind so that you can once again find your personal liberation, Your Soul Note. 

Consultations available in person or Via phone or Skype link up. 

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Writing is Like Training for A Black Belt

Black Belt Blog

During my recent trip through Europe with my first book, I came to realise that the sheer magnitude and effort put into writing a book is similar to the years I spent training to be a Black Belt in the Hung Suen Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The similarities to achieve both those goals are endless.

My brain exhausted from all the steps I have walked up in France reminded me of the mountain of work I have put into writing, editing, researching and finally publishing. They also remind me of the earlier weight training, gruelling sparring rounds, at times seven days a week training schedule, mountain climbs and injuries I had to process through to finally reach my black belt goal. No one could do either of these tasks for me, some how I had to find the focus to finally put my dreams into action. On both occasions it has taken procrastination, a private dare and then the need to seek out the professional mentors who would guide me on the correct path.

My Kung Fu Master will be the first to admit that he did not make me a Black Belt. I did that myself but what he provided was an environment where I could gain many of the tools through his instruction, be part of a team all moving through towards the same goals and finally seeing other people achieve before me as a path of inspiration to keep going. Added to that I had to find an inner reservoir of strength, patience and persistence to achieve each gaol as it arose, not to mention a few private session to fine-tune my abilities. Some situations that eventuated I did not even anticipate would be an issue ended up causing me to question my choices to keep going. Injuries were one of them including, black eyes, blows to the head and near knock-outs. Of course this was not often, but enough for someone who was over forty and responsible for kids and running a business, to second guess my choices. My mind tried to be my enemy, at every turn, attempting to convince me to stop. The mind became my biggest battle-ground not the training schedule.

This has been the same for the book writing process. When the going gets tough and out of hand my mind tells me to “Forget it”, “ You don’t need the stress,” “Your life is good without the books so why push yourself like this?” Yet somehow I kept pushing on. Reflecting on my achievements I realised the sheer determination and discipline to push through with my books against so many barriers and issues were actually qualities cultivated when I went through my Kung Fu training. All those years of retraining my brain, actually aided me in pushing through with completing my books.

Added to that I went into a mentorship programme that held what I thought was a lot of promise but found it ended up being, not exactly as I first thought. I already had multiple books partially written but did not quite know what to do next. The mentorship created a platform of some knowledge on the subject, enough to get me started and once started, I could smell the success in the air and found I pushed on even when I did not feel the support was fully behind me or provided what I believed I paid for. But perhaps it actually did, because it led me towards a general path of knowledge, gave me the belief I could succeed and placed other people who also had published within my sphere of interaction, all which helped galvanise my mind into action. In the end however, it was up to me to make it happen just like was with my Black Belt. A mentor cannot do it for you. When you want to achieve anything in life you must be your own Master and Commander. Others just show it is possible.

For me, I would love to think that achieving a black belt as a middle aged, overweight women pushing the boundaries of an extremely physical pursuit, can give rise to some inspiration within others. Knowing that this path also helped my mental capacity and belief in oneself to then go onto claim authorship status has excited and inspired me and I can only hope my life can encourage others to also pursue their dreams.




Dreams are Like Boomerangs, They Always Come Back

Boomerang Blog

Dreams are Like Boomerangs,

They Will Always Come Back

When we dream, a thought form is created from our deep imagination couched within our soul. The dream is formulated and embedded with thoughts, feelings, desires and potential outcome. In fact every thought we have that is filled with emotion becomes a dream. Sometime colourful and exciting,  filled with optimism and sometimes filled with dreary, dread. Our subconscious does not discriminate from good or bad, it creates whatever consumes your mind the most.

When you allow your mind to be driven by untamed thought and emotions these will eventually create a dream state full of power that sends forth the message  out to the universe through time and space before coming back to you like a well thrown boomerang. Each consuming thought is like throwing another boomerang out into the ether. Some are thrown far and wide others come back quicker, landing back with a sudden thud back into your current reality.

When you dream, there is a latent power in you that can imagine the amazing and impossible and suddenly all you have thought, indeed becomes possible. People all over the world keep fulfilling their dreams and passions by staying in a state of openness and receptivity. They dare to take action in ways others fear. Many of those people understand that Living their PASSION, where their heart resonates and communicates with the Spirit energy is the true path of powerful manifestation. This is so true. This state of mind or Beingness is not just for the famous or fortunate few. This capacity is within each and everyone of us. The only difference between the idea of success and optimism is some people throw well aimed boomerangs due to clear mind and intention and others throw many that run into each other and cancel the earlier ones out. This process of cancellation only occurs because the mind and imagination is cluttered and filled with deep seated subconscious programmes and patterns inherited from childhood and social influences.

To discover a place of peace, clear mind and untapped potential, a disciplined mind and steady emotional state should be pursued. Our thoughts become our reality. Our dreams always come back to us. Meditation, often called mindfulness is a practice that anyone can do to slowly create a space within oneself in order to discover the true nature of your thoughts, desires and intentions that arise. Hidden within this space is the wisdom of insight that can show you the true nature of  what we commonly call ‘Self”.

It is from this place you come to  understand that physical manifestation of events, opportunities and desires all first began somewhere deep within the individualised psyche. It is your responsibility how well you learn to throw your thoughts and feelings out to the Universe. It is your responsibility on what comes back.

So I ask you this  question….

What kind of boomerang would you like to throw?

Life Reflections – The Changing Nature


Life Reflections

Today as I reflect on life and living I note in this older body many more aches and pains. The impermanence of youth becomes a moment of focus as my maturing, hopefully wiser self reflects. This mind immediately drifts back to yesteryear when once before, in actual fact 30 years prior I explored the romantic city of Paris, solo and continued through Europe. The body I inhabited then was full of energy with a mind naïve to the harshness this world can offer. I travelled in a perpetual world of wonder and awe of people, places and adventures. In many ways not much has changed yet the body notes more time has travelled on the joints.

Where once I walked the streets all day, tourist icon after tourist icon then danced the night away with new transient friends, now I feel this body full of aches and pains as I stagger from place to place. Perhaps the consistent 4.30am wake times ready to hit the streets of London and now Paris early before all the other tourists has a partial role to play in my discomfort. It may be the delayed opening of the Eiffel Tower by 45minutes when we were one of the first in line having waited already an hour or perhaps it is the common cold that has hit my lungs making me drag oneself around determined to DO our trip. It does not really matter the how or the why, what really struck me was the realisation that life is always in a perpetual state of flux. Anacha, anacha

( buddhist saying meaning changing changing)One moment health, youth and vitality then next slow progression through stages towards a tiring older body or sometimes a rude and sudden decline in health will afflict all people everywhere eventually.

This changing nature of our life is not just bodily changes but also affects mind perception as each year the human brain takes on more information and keeps feeding it back through a continuous loop. Dependent on whether fear or negativity drives you or faith, hope and love does, then this will determine what will move through your feedback loop. Just becoming a mother changes the way I look at begging women in the streets and wonder how many children they have at home, yet when younger, I felt amazed and sad at hunger but not feeling the same depth of connection. I note time and life experiences have adjusted my view and personal emotional reaction to all I come across. I am constantly changing.

I listen to news of Greece with the potential meltdown of their economy and dollar value and know that soon millionaires could soon be stripped of all their accumulated wealth just as our Australian farmers are stripped of their farms through drought and lack of bankers support. That in such an event depression will replace optimism because humans place so much importance on the physical world being the only world of importance. Yet when wealth and health is gone what is left?

Life has a strange way of reducing people back to the core basics to explore the real value of life, family and connections. More importantly sudden life changes will challenge the relationship you have with yourself. Who are you when youth and vitality has gone and you falsely believe you no longer influence the world around you because society fills the mind with this ideology? Who are you if your health is retrograding and you cannot be the tower of strength others have looked up to and depended on? Who are you when you are no longer mother or father to those looking up to you, wife or husband to someone you loved and knows you, no longer a sexual being who can bring life into the world, or no longer the great influential professional no one now knows because you chose retirement. These are the essential questions that arise in the psychology as each person struggles to accept the changing nature of the reality we all live in a consequently forces us into a new changed relationship with one self. The saying ‘Change is the ONLY Constant’ is indeed a powerful message.

So today I ask myself and I ask you. Who are you really if you are not all those labels that keep changing? What is behind the breath when life is extinguished? Do you continue to survive and thrive in a new reality? If so then what is the essence that continues yet changes from form to form? If we are Not the Body then what are we?

I know one thing for sure. Whatever this essence is that animates this body it is powerful and glorious yet often restricted by the human identification and limited mind concepts we adhere to as a collective consciousness. If we could only strip back the layers of false labels and reach deep into the individuated core essence, your Soul Note, then it is here all people would find a huge measure of self acceptance and embrace the life changes as they hit. Acceptance does not mean becoming a victim, rather it is to see clearly the nature of life and move with the ‘Flow’ while being the best you can be at every given moment.

So with that in mind, today I shall WILL my feet to walk the corridors of the Louvre where 30 years before I could only look longingly from the outside with a backpack strapped to my back and a lack of funds precluding my entry. So there you have the change again. My youthful self had the willingness yet not the finances, today the older self may have some unfit aches and pains yet I have the financial means to finally step across those doors and enjoy other people’s creativity.

Life is crazy, Life is good, Its all just a process. A temporary one at that!

Anacha Anacha – Changing Changing

For those who wish to strip back their layers of ego identification and delve beyond the masks of living then meditation becomes an essential life skill in your personal discovery tool kit.



I Listened to My ‘Soul Note’ and Now, I Am a Published Author!

I Listened to My ‘Soul Note’ and Now, I am a Published Author!

I Believe you were born with a unique ‘Soul Note’, a powerful energy signature that defines who you are. By Aligning with this Core aspect of yourself through the practice of meditation and mindfulness and emulating qualities of kindness, openness, flexibility, non-judgment, awareness, compassion and love will ensure your ability to read your personal life situations in a positive manner. Each step will be met with optimism, knowing new and unexpected paths have magic, synchronicities and chance meetings all coalescing to call your dreams home in perfect timing, not when the human mind or society thinks they should come home but when your higher, wiser Soul Note consciousness decides it is the right and fertile time for its completion. You cannot hasten the timing or the experience, only trust the path is set and keep working on anything that excites you in the meantime. You will be amazed and surprised at how your life maps out in all its glory.

Living a life of passion is not always easy, as many people believe they have to drop everything they are doing to follow their dreams. In some instances this is true yet in other situations your inner most Being knows you need an accumulation of experiences to be able to hold your life passion steadily and will thus keep shifting your focus until you have gathered all you need to make that flying leap. When you fall into imagination and dare to dream a new and different reality or version of yourself, an amazing mixture of hope and possibility enters the world around you. From this vantage point a call to action ensues whereby you, the dreamer must then begin to tread a steady path towards that hoped for outcome. As you progress towards the areas of expertise YOU THINK YOU NEED, often there appear many other paths and seeming derailments to that goal. It is not until much further down the path you realise your unique story has been unfolding. Even when you think your childhood or earlier dreams have become impossible suddenly they unfold before your eyes in the craziest, convoluted ways you could never have even thought up or conjured in your earlier imaginings.

There are some dreams that begin whimsical and remain illusive with no true drive to see them fulfilled and other dreams have power and potency behind them as though preset from a different place and time, whispering of a destiny hidden in time waiting for you in the future. Either way, how do we know if a dream is worthy of pursuing? The secret is in the excitement, joy and wonder you hold in the Core of your Being at the mere possibility of the idea eventuating. The unwavering knowing it is already yours, descending into every atom and molecule along with a decision to begin on a path towards your future. Secretly the dreams of the little Child-You never leaving your side for long will be your constant companion until one day you wake up and realize you are at your destination.

My Private Writing Dream Turning into Reality

I was a child who dreamt of writing and at the age of eleven fell in love with the power of words due to a little red haired boy called Ian, who decided I was his girlfriend. I met him at an interstate school camp where we exchanged shy smiles and somehow at the end of the camp exchanged addresses. From his distant home he found the courage to write to me. Enfolded within the envelope was a tiny hand written letter finishing with a poem of love to me in his simple grade six scrawl. I never knew words could be so compelling, filled with feelings of intensity transferred from pen to paper. I secretly held my treasure and kept his poems to myself, reading them daily mesmerized that someone in the world cared for me. I wrote in return in hope one day I would see him again when our two schools would combine through high school. In the meantime I stumbled upon a poetry competition, which inspired me to write and send in my first poem. To the amazement of myself, I won the competition and received a certificate. Sacredly I held that news close to my chest deciding it was too precious to share with ridiculing siblings. I also felt a little vulnerable and exposed wondering who would be reading it. Eventually I shared the news with my mother and my boyfriend from afar. To have won this large competition filled me with fire and the love of words on paper. My writing dream, especially poetry writing was born.

What happened to my little red-haired believer? Well tragically the dreams to meet at high school were broken by my mother who decided to send me to a city girls school. I had to inform Ian by letter that I no longer could remain his girlfriend as it would be impossible to ever see him or meet up with him again due to the long distance travel I would be subjected to with these new plans. Maturely at the delicate age of eleven I cut off the relationship so he could find another lovely girl who would undoubtedly become the recipient of those treasured poems and heart felt emotions. Ahh the horrors and pain of youth. Fate would have it that I managed to convince my mother of the detest I had for the new school and finally she relented and allowed me to resume study at the local high school yet when I finally set eyes on the boy with the sun in his locks he had a blond girl enfolded within his arms.

Now nearly forty years on I have written song lyrics, one of which came tenth in Australia at a song-writing contest. I have read some of my wilder poems at events and now have finally published a book. It is not the exact subject I had in mind as a girl (‘ The Secrets Out! Men and Sex, Why Women Say No’) but it is my first published book. Yet in the wings I also have a book of poetry, over 200 of them in fact, written twelve years ago and finally compiled into a book nearly ready to be published called ‘Kind Words Uplift.’ Watch this space…………

So needless to say the dream to write has travelled across a lot of time and vast experiences to finally arrive at a destination that now has me, Celia Fuller, published. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision I would be writing a self help book on relationships and sexuality, instead I thought my first forays into writing would be more in line with the spiritual and meditational aspects of my life path yet here I am as surprised as everyone else who knows me. I am sure up ahead those books will finally be written but for now my Soul Note knows what I need and I trust it will guide me to my destination.


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