WELCOME To FINDING Relationship HARMONY Conversation

Committed relationships are complex, requiring a considerable amount of patience, kindness, humour and to top it off, a whole bag full of mind reading!

When the high of first meeting settles into a comfortable rhythm, many issues begin to arise in the way couples relate to one another. This Blog ‘Finding Relationship Harmony’ will be exploring many aspects in relationships that create tensions and misunderstanding. I do not profess to be a complete expert but I do draw upon over 20 years as a Natural Therapist / Counsellor to create a conversation of balanced perspectives, minus blame games with an invitation for others to engage on the blog so all readers might learn about some of the issues we all face in our daily experiences when juggling, family, marriage, work and unexpected life changes. This blog is backed up by ‘soon to be published’ books on sexuality, intimacy, finances and pregnancy. It is my hope that if some of the larger issues are raised and readers find solace or healing through the shared wisdom and books then this will allow your minds to settle on an Inner Path of Self Awareness and Contemplation. Fractured minds and hearts cannot easily settle, leaving any exploration of the spiritual self on the shelf. If day-to-day issues can be explored and normalised then I believe it opens up a huge door to energy, inspiration, empowerment, daring to dream and transformation through action.

As a spiritual teacher at the heart of all I do it is my wish to lift the burdens of humanity by sharing my knowledge. Please join with me on this journey.

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