Life is ‘a MAZE’ but Can be Amazing

Break Free of the ‘Tic Toc’ World & Your Limiting Beliefs

How did we get here? Why do we do the things we do? What propels us forward into action? All these questions,  yet the answers are not always forthcoming or not as much as we would like them to be. Instead we run around in circles like a perpetual hamster wheel wondering how to get off the wild ride.

Looking back at life one would wonder how to navigate the tricky  maze we call human living. At every corner there are new decisions filled with potent possibility. Which road to take ? Where do I want to end up? Alternatively we are consumed with thoughts of constant comparing, competing or jealousy fuelled antics arising from fear of not being enough, gross hypnotisation from every media fuelled outlet telling us we have to be more to survive, be the ultimate success story and navigate life.

But what if, what if, travelling in a more heart centred way, removing fear and refusing to be aligned to the ‘tic toc’ madness overtaking every element of society,  could be the realty you are looking for? To find that space where your soul hungers for inner quietude? What if it can be found by stepping out of the maze of uniform thinking and acting. Would you do it? Would that interest you? If so, then begin thinking about the state of mind you had as a child before society and adult conditioning gripped hold of your innocent psychology. What did you love doing? What made your heart and imagination sing? What dreams did you have for the future version of yourself? What did you do with yourself when no one was listening?

It is often in these moments of questioning or deep contemplation when you feel life has derailed from your core authentic expression that a truth about who you are,  can show itself. Listen to the innocence within, begin the conversation and allow the prompting to arise from the depths of yourself. It is this very process that can remind you on what really matters to you personally, not that which is said to be valued by society or family. Action is then required to reclaim authentic alignment so you can live a life you truly value.

It is this same pondering and life reviewing that has on countless occasions helped me navigate some of my most troubling times. I know now that I always must have at least one element of my childhood dreams running alongside the adult life to keep me feeling in a state of balance and joy. 

What did I do as a child when no one was looking, you might ask? I danced and sang to myself and spoke a multitude of pretend foreign languages and spoke to the animals and plants, mind to mind. To that end it does not surprise me now that I love to travel the world and dance to unwind or feel connected to an unseen universe filled with a communication that cannot be seen. The intuitive self and sense of connection to ‘All That Is’, was born all those years ago. Yet sadly I suppressed my singing for such a long time but as I removed the blockages and sabotaging beliefs of fear, my ‘Inner Song’ is finding the confidence to come out to play again. I also discovered how much I loved personal time on my own in those younger years yet my adult version has not always allowed for that space.

My question to you is, What did you do as a child? Can you hear the child whispers and honour those dreams? Are you willing to re-embrace that aspect of yourself to step out of the perpetual maze you are trapped in and allow life to be,  truly AMAZING once again?

Celia Fuller- Wholistic Lifestyle Consultations can help you remove negative beliefs, fears  programmings and societal conditionings hidden in the recesses of the subconscious mind so that you can once again find your personal liberation, Your Soul Note. 

Consultations available in person or Via phone or Skype link up. 

Photo Purchased from Canstock