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If You Wake Up The Body, The Mind Follows

Wake up Body

My brain works better when I exercise. I wish I could remember that everyday but sometimes an internal force takes over and like a belligerent two year old, I resist my own prompting. I know whenever I have dedicated myself to a goal it has always helped overcome the resistant voice that arises.
Our bodies are amazing machines meant to be moved and worked. As a wonderful consequence of physical activity, neurones in the brain fire up and communicate back and forth creating pathways of awareness educating the body how to accomplish fine tuned motor skills of precision movements along with stimulated hormone release and internal organ activity. Although we often allow the mind to become dull resulting in the body following suite it’s important to keep pushing yourself to find a goal that works with your unique psychology and start.
If you wish to travel and see amazing sites upon huge mountain tops then begin mountain training now so you don’t gasp for breath and hate the opportunity when it arises. Prepare the mind with a vision of travel and the body will follow. If you love Buddhist temples in Thailand then begin step training because there are thousands that ascend and descend.
If you are overweight and not fussed with the typical aerobics, gym training or cross training as a path to your goal then change the goal post with the learning of a useful skill. Learn a self defence martial art to build confidence to face the world. The weight might just magically come off anyway and if not, you are far more flexible, confident and stronger than before you started.
If depression is your haunted reality, will yourself to move so at least the body is happy even if your mind is not. You will be amazed how the mind lifts up out of those darker thoughts and your life load feels much easier.
So set yourself a goal to help you achieve little wins in the journey of life. If this is difficult to do, find a mentor, training partner or seek help with your mind that keeps finding excuses. Remember you are not alone. We all have bodies that need training and minds that need taming.
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